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  • Polymer coating for NBR gloves
    Polymer coating for Nitrile glove coatedApplication:This product is specially used for the surface coating agent of powder-free nitrile gloves, can replace the traditional chlorine washing process completely, safety to use and greatly reduces the waste emissions, with the characteristics of convenient use and good quality. It's necessary to dilution during using (diluted 8 to 15 times); no sedimentation; faster defoaming. The prepared gloves have good adhesion; smoothness and excellent wearability; especially the aging resistance is excellent.
    Appearance: Milky white to pale yellow viscous liquidMain component : waterborne polyurethane dispersion
    Packing and transportation: In 200kg plastic drum, or others like ISO tank or IBC. Please pay more attention keep the temperature not less than 10℃ during transporation. Storage conditions:
    It's better stadyed in original container with sealing tightly, avoid the sunlight directly, the best storage temperature is 10~30℃, under this conditions the shelf life is 12months.

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