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  • PU dispersion for leather
                                                                                Waterborne polyurethane dispersion for leather finishing agent
    Description LSPU-807 was synthesized from the critical raw materials polyester polyol and aliphatic isocyanate. As general acrylate emulsion "hot sticky or cold brittle" and solvent resistance weak, LSPU-807 has overcome this shortage. And, it is excellent cost-effective.
    Typical ApplicationLSPU-807 can be used to leather surface agent, both in artificial leather and genuine leather. Especially, LSPU-807 is recommended for the treatment of high grade leather.
    Characteristics1, Water resistance, heat resistance;2, Good anti- scratching ,good abrasion resistance;3, Good film builds, high gloss, high transparency;4, Good flexibility, excellent yellowing resistance;5, Not foaming, easy to kinds of construction.