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  • Polymer coating for PVC glove
    Description Our polymer coating is water-based polyurethane dispersion with high molecular weight interpolymers, special used for PVC Gloves inner coated, and convenient to use, after coated the glove can offer good hand feeling with smooth looking. Typical Application:PVC gloves coated, both in disposable gloves finishing and household gloves finishing. It is formulated to seal to plasticized PVC film when heating and surface stick.         Package200kg plastic drum. Other types of packaging can also be considered according to requirements.
    StorageStore products in tightly original containers at temperatures recommended on the product label ( 15~40 ℃). Store in cool, dry, well ventilated area. Shelf life: 6 monthsTransport Heat preservated during transportation,kee the temperature not less than 10 ℃ outside packaging. For more details, please contact us at sales01@linshichem.com