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  • Liquid Polyisoprene rubber

    Item Model     IR-560 Series

    Appearance and Odor     Light yellow, transparent liquid. High-viscosity. Mild odor.


    The product maintains viscosity at low temperatures, not easy to degrade at high temperatures (degradation temperature >180℃). It is non-flammable, water and acetone resistant;  high initial adhesion, low surface tension and low polarity. The product can cross-link with rubber materials and with insulating properties. 

    Applications and Advantages

    The main component of IR-560 liquid rubber is cis-1,4 polyisoprene. It belongs to sovenlt rubber, can enhance the ageing resistance in final products,not be easily extracted by solvent. Also, it can reduce the processing time of rubbers while maintaining their physical properties unchanged,  lower the cost of production. Moreover,  IR-560 liquid rubber can be mixed with other additives to improve their performance. It has a wide range of applications on industrial like tires, belts, rubber tube, sealants, adhesives, etc.


    Packed in steel drums, net weight 15KG/Drum; or packed in polyethylene bags, net weight 2KG/Bag.Original packing shelf life 24 months.


    This product does not belong to the Dangerous Goods . Whie During transport, the product should be protected from fire, rain and extensive sunlight exposure.Store it in a well-ventilated and dry environment. No direct sunlight. The ideal storage temperature is room temperature (0℃-40℃).

    Handling Precautions

    This product is non-flammable, and will not incur fire under normal operating temperature (<300 ℃). If accidently caught on fired due to reasons of improper handling, sand, foam fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, or water can be used to control fire; In the event of leakage, physical methods can be applied for retrieval.

    Health and Environmental Protection

    This product is low toxicity. It is harmless to human body, and does not cause allergic reactions upon contact. The product contains low volatile components and presents few risk to the work environment.

    For more details, please contact us at sales01@linshichem.com