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  • Polyisoprene for medical use
    Item Model :   IR-550 SeriesAppearance and Odor:  White latex, light odor.Characteristic:  No protein, few non-rubber component, no skin allergy upon contact.Application and AdvantagesIR-550 has a wide range of applications, as it can replace natural latex in various industries. Mainly, it has been used in high-grade medical impregnated products, medical protective products, medical adhesives, surgical gloves, etc.PackagePacked in HDPE containers, net weight 200KG/Plastic drum or 950KG/IBC drum. Shelf life: 12 months.Attention: It is normal that the surface layer thickens over storage time. If this happens, turn the container upside down and shake it well before use, quality no change.Transportation and StorageThis product does not belong to the Dangerous Goods . While during transportation, the product should be protected from fire, rain and extensive sunlight exposure. Store it in a well ventilated and dry environment, no direct sunlighthe , ideal storage temperature is room temperature (5℃-35℃).For more details, please contact us at sales01@linshichem.com